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Microbrewery Equipment
When it comes to operating micro brewery and sanitary food grade equipment, there are a lot of moving parts that need to be maintained and kept in working order. From silicone gaskets to valves and food grade hoses, every component plays a vital role in the overall integrity of your equipment. If something goes wrong, make RL Miller your first source for difficult to find replacement parts. In addition to an impressive inventory, we also have experts on hand who can help create custom solutions to address your needs.

We have a large selection of parts available and cover a large range of components involved in brewing and food service. From pipe support clamps, butterfly valves, ball valves, stainless steel tube and fittings, sight glass and thermometers, we carry all the hard to find parts. You can visit our convenient location, and walk away with the exact hose, valve, fitting, or other part to fit all your needs.

Micro brewers especially enjoy working with our team because they can create stainless steel tubing and fittings to accommodate production equipment to the homemade stills. Whether you are working with standard equipment or you have designed your own setup, we enjoy tackling individual customer’s problems and coming up with the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Call or visit RL Miller and choose from long llist of replacement parts that include:

Stainless steel wash down grade parts
Stainless steel ball valves
Steam hoses
Steam valves
Sanitary sight glasses
Pharmaceutical quality parts
Pipe support systems
Food grade hoses
Weld fittings for custom fabrication stills

RL Miller has built a reputation on offering high quality parts from the world’s most recognized manufacturers and superior customer service. We don’t just distribute parts, we work directly with clients across a wide variety of industries to create custom solutions.

The same is true when it comes to working with micro brewing and food service equipment. You can rely on our extensive inventory and experience to help maintain and repair all your equipment so you can avoid spending money replacing expensive machinery and experiencing unnecessary downtime. Call or visit us today for all your equipment needs.