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Technical Support

At RL Miller, we use our knowledge and experience in fluid power and help you solve your technical problems. When you have an issue or problem, our trained technical support professionals will help you solve it. As a valued customer, you can be sure we will do everything to provide you with a solution. To begin solving your problem, we employ a multi-step approach to tackle it. The steps to our approach (which makes extensive use of our engineering knowledge) are:

  • Examining and studying your existing equipment
  • Evaluating application requirements
  • Providing a recommendation of the systems and components from our manufacturers needed to solve the problem
  • Providing installation assistance if needed
Common Problems in Fluid Power

There are certain issues that can come about when running a pneumatic or hydraulic fluid power system.

In a pneumatic system, the wide range of configurations, special designs and sizes of air cylinders, and safety considerations in today’s market adds a layer of difficulty to troubleshooting, as it can be difficult to isolate the source or sources of a problem.

To successfully maintain a pneumatic system, and to understand how to approach potential problems, factors and components such as possible air leakage, servo valves, air pressure, after-coolers, and moisture separators must be accounted for.

In hydraulic systems, issues such as slow operation or loss of power can begin to affect machine performance. These can be indicators that something is wrong with your system. Internal leakage and the resulting heat can cause other issues such as high contamination or lack of lubrication.

At RL Miller, we are aware of the issues that can come up in a fluid power system, and as a result we are prepared for it. In addition to the steps listed above, we have an excellent team, and offer field service and product availability from stock. Our capabilities allow us to provide excellent service to you, the customer, and at the same time allow us to be a solutions provider in our industry.

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