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Quick connect fittings Demo Video
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Hydraulic quick connect fittings or quick disconnect couplers provide a safe and easy way to add an attachment to a system or machine.  Traditional couplers are designed so they are difficult to couple under pressure, we offer a few options for couplers that can be coupled with residual pressure while adding a new level of safety and convenience.  You will no longer need to use a hammer and screwdriver to vent trapped pressure from your coupling.

Now, you can take advantage of a coupler fitting that comes equipped with a built-in valve that releases existing pressure while also allowing for an easy connection. It will connect with residual pressure without spilling fluid. The quick disconnect coupler is the ideal solution for a variety of construction equipment, including: snow plows, trucks that use spreaders and spinners, skid steers and other construction machinery.

These couplers solve the problem of connecting an attachment while there is high residual pressure on the system. You can connect up to 4350 psi residual pressure and the flat face design also is easy to clean and eliminates spills.

The quick connect coupler also features a flat face design that prevents any loss of fluid during the connect or disconnect process, making it ideal for work environments where zero spillage is a top priority. This design also makes the coupling easy to clean and maintain. There is no need to worry about contamination that can be a concern with other types of couplers.

To connect, clean the mating surface of the flat face coupler, align the coupler and nipple and push the pieces together. To disconnect, pull back on the sleeve on the female half of the coupler and they will release.

Quick disconnect couplers come in a variety of sizes and materials that are designed to handle specific fluids and pressure situations. Depending on your industry and your needs, you can find a coupling that matches your exact specifications. The hydraulic quick connect fittings may provide the best and most affordable way to manage and maintain your hydraulic equipment.

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