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RL Miller LLC is proud to offer an extensive inventory of high-quality parts from the best manufacturers in the industry. We stock and distribute a wide range of products that businesses rely on to stay up and running. Customers can visit our convenient retail location or call to place an order and take advantage of our delivery services.

For over 55 years, RL Miller LLC has worked to establish strong ties with the leading manufacturers so that our customers can quickly and easily service their industrial and mobile equipment. We specialize in providing high quality and cost effective solutions to ensure that the job gets done right the first time.

In addition to a long list of traditional parts and products commonly associated with industrial operations, we have expanded our inventory to serve a wider range of applications. From log splitting machines to amusement park rides, snow removal equipment to complete hydraulic power packages for most any industry, we offer the products and solutions to fit your needs.

Here is just a glimpse at some of the unique products that we offer:

  • Aeroquip hoses, including temperature resistant and chemical resistant, which are perfect for both oil and air. These products can be used in plant applications or to help you perform routine maintenance and repairs on your growing fleet of vehicles.
  • Industrial hose featuring Boston premium products for water, chemical, food grade or compressed air.
  • Pumps from Danfoss and Dynex for low pressure to high pressure hydraulic systems and Enerpac units for your high force tool applications.
  • Valves for mobile and industrial machines that range from log splitters to the most sophisticated proportional and servo valve systems in use today.
  • Motors that have been specially designed to power hydraulic snow removal equipment or equipment with rotary motion.
  • Hydraulic filtration offering a large selection of replacement elements to complete filter housings and filter carts with particle counters to maintain fluid conditions.
  • Enerpac equipment that can lift, press or position. Up to 400 tons cylinders in stock and ready to purchase or rent.
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic torque wrenches for a wide variety of applications.

To learn more about our manufacturers and products, call or visit our retail location today

  • diaphragm accumulator
  • bladder accumulator
  • accumulator repair kits
hydraulic pumps
  • piston pump
  • gear pump
  • cast iron gear pump
  • aluminum gear pump
  • vane pump
  • hydrostatic transmission
  • high pressure
  • 10000 psi
  • hand pump
hydraulic motor
  • piston motor
  • gear motor
  • cast iron motor
  • vane motor
  • hydrostatic transmission
  • low speed high torque
  • geroler
  • ball valve
  • cartridge valve
  • check valve
  • directional control valve
  • flow control valve
  • high pressure
  • proportional valve
  • relief valve
  • custom integrated circuits
  • hic valves
  • selector valve
  • priority flow control
  • line mounted
  • inline valve
lubrication equipment
  • air-operated grease & oil pumps
  • grease fittings
  • grease hoses
  • hand-operated grease guns
  • reels & accessories
  • repairs
  • air filters
  • off road
  • on road
  • bulk oil
  • bulk diesel
  • suction filter
  • high pressure
  • low pressure
  • tank mounted filter
  • coolant filters
  • air breathers
  • tank breathers
  • return line filter
  • diesel fuel

test equipment
  • hydraulic fluid diagnostics
  • diesel fuel diagnostics
  • mini mess test fittings
  • industrial leak testing kit
  • test benches
  • particle counters
  • testmate/easytest fittings
  • gauges
  • test points
  • tie rod cylinder
  • welder cylinder
  • agricultural cylinder
  • nfpa cylinder
  • single acting
  • double acting
  • air hose
  • general purpose hose
  • hydraulic hose
  • high pressure hydraulic hose
  • hot tar hose
  • steam hose
  • teflon
  • industrial hose
  • chemical
  • acid
  • suction
  • suction and discharge hose
  • non conductive
  • pressure washer hose
  • petroleum hose
  • rubber hose
  • pvc hose
  • ducting
  • food service
hose fittings
  • jic
  • npt
  • metric
  • bsp
  • slpit flange
  • code 61
  • code 62
  • sae
  • cam and grooove
  • king nipples
  • single acting rams
  • double acting rams
  • work holding
  • torque wrench
  • power units
  • hydraulic tools