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Hydraulic System Design

Hydraulic System Design Services for a Range of Applications

RL Miller offers hydraulic system design services for amusement park rides, mining machines, heavy lifting systems, hand tools and other systems used by the oil and gas industry. Our hydraulic and pneumatic experts address all aspects of the hydraulic process to provide you with complete solutions. We will work closely with you to design a system that not only meets your specific requirements but delivers optimal productivity as well.

Come and talk to our knowledgeable team about your application needs. From initial design to final setup, we are with you at every stage of the project.

Hydraulic System Design Backed by Quality Components and Technical Expertise

It helps to have an expert work out your hydraulic system design, troubleshoot problems and offer suggestions to make your hydraulic system more efficient. At RL Miller, we don’t just think about your current requirements but envision the future as well. We combine our extensive experience in fluid power and hydraulics to provide a high-performance system with enhanced performance and lifespan.

Pressure, flow and filtration requirements are all considered in system design. We can specify filters to meet specific ISO cleanliness codes and help you develop and specify ISO codes for your machines with a program that collects the data for your oil levels. Particle counters can be incorporated into a new design or fit into an existing system.

Over the past 50 years, we have worked with local businesses and global enterprises to serve applications of varying complexities. We are also mindful of turnaround time and ensure your project timelines are met.

Having access to top quality hydraulic components from well-known manufacturers helps us customize your system to your exact needs. Our fully-stocked store in Pittsburgh has virtually everything you require to build a high quality system. Danfoss/Aeroquip, Donaldson, Schroeder, Enerpac, and Tedeco are just a few of the many brand name choices we offer our customers.

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Ask our Fluid Power Experts How to Optimize Your Hydraulic System Design

The fluid power experts at RL Miller can help you design the perfect hydraulic system for your application. So many of our customers rely on us to iron out process problems as well as system improvements to enhance their productivity. Our technical expertise and huge inventory of more than 30 lines of brand name pneumatic components provides you with solutions that few hydraulic system design companies can match.