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Enerpac XC Cordless Pump
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The Enerpac XC Cordless Pump combines the portability of a hand pump with the power of an electric pump for versatile and convenient performance. This powerful pump provides unbeatable speed and safety and perhaps best of all, it is compatible with practically every hydraulic tool on the market.

This cordless pump weighs just over 20 pounds and comes with a comfortable carrying strap, which means that you can easily take the pump anywhere on a job site. A special sealed bladder reservoir allows the pump to be used in any position without having to worry about spilling oil. The Enerpac XC is an excellent option if convenience is one of your main priorities.

Choose between a single or double acting manual valve and experience unbeatable power and speed. The Enerpac XC Cordless Pump operates 5 times faster than manual pumps and 2 times faster than pneumatic pumps. All it takes is a standard 28-volt industrial battery to power the pump and offer fast and reliable performance throughout your workday.

Safety features include an ergonomic, impact resistant shroud that will withstand your demanding work environment. The cordless design also means that you can eliminate tripping hazards and safely operate the pump without getting in the way. Operating the pump is as easy as pressing the trigger and a lock switch prevents any unintended use.

There are few limits to what you can do with the Enerpac XC Cordless Pump. It provides all the power and speed you will need to operate almost any tool and comes in a compact and convenient design that is highly portable. Experience all the advantages of both a manual pump and an electric pump in one unique model.

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