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Car Wash Hydraulic System – Case Study
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Typically, when people think of hydraulic systems and hoses, they picture large oil rigs and construction equipment. It can be easy to forget the role that hydraulics play in making our everyday lives a little easier. For example, consider your local car wash.

With winter setting in, drivers will be taking their vehicles in for regular washes to remove road salt. That means hundreds, even thousands of washes everyday. Now imagine the wear and tear that occurs on car wash hoses, tubing and hydraulic systems because of repetitive use and the erosive effects of water and cleaning chemicals.

We recently partnered with an area car wash to design a solution that would provide durable parts so that they could reduce the need for repairs and increase profits. They no longer have to worry about costly and unnecessary downtime and they will be enjoying significant savings when it comes to purchasing new components.

The entire process began with a visit to our onsite hose store. Our expert technicians asked plenty of questions and took the time to get to know the specific challenges the client was facing. After learning more about the car wash system and the client’s goals, we were able to work together to create a custom solution. In this case, we replaced the existing tubing with more durable stainless steel options and installed chemical resistant hoses. Our technicians even installed the new components.

Whether we realize it or not, hydraulic machines help drive a lot of the services and luxuries we enjoy on a daily basis. That is why RL Miller works to provide products that cover a wide range of applications. Our team of technicians also specialize in customer solutions that will improve performance and efficiency, which ultimately means better profits for you and your company.

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